Semester 1 Final Exams Schedule

Don’t forget Where to be!

Carl Harding, Sandscript Writer

Finals week is almost upon us and many people here, especially freshmen students, might not know where to go, or how the schedule works during the week. The Sandscript is here to help those who are going through this for the first time and serve as a reminder for all others. Finals begin on Tuesday December 13 and end on Friday December 16. Finals work like the block schedule, except instead of four classes each day, students will have two classes each day with Tuesday being blocks two and four, Wednesday being blocks six and eight, Thursday being blocks one and three, and on Friday being blocks five and seven. The first final will begin around 7:40 am and end at 10:54. The second and final exam of the day will take place from 11:01 to 2:45. For Tuesday and Wednesday lunch schedules can be below.

Lunch Block: A B C D
Time: 11:01-11:31 11:36-12:06 12:07-12:37 12:37-1:07
Classes: Special Ed

World Language  Math


Science: Hennigar, Long, Henderlong, Hewitt, Lynch, Martino, and Mueller

Social Studies


Science: Nichols, Paff, Peterson, Myers, Wallace, and Drew





For Thursday and Wednesday, students will go to lunch during their SRT like a normal school day. After students finish their finals or if students have no finals after the class they have like SRT, students are allowed to leave early if they have a note signed by the attendance office. Try to get your notes signed the day before to avoid the long lines the morning of finals. Students will not be allowed to leave the building if they do not have a note. It is highly recommended that students get a good night of sleep before their finals and that they have a big breakfast so they can do well on their exams. But most importantly, students should be studying so they don’t fail their exams. The Sandscript wishes everybody the best of luck and to enjoy their Winter Break after they finish their finals.