Trends and How Quickly They Disappear

Trends make a grand entrance, only to pull the vanishing act.

Grae Stockhausen, Features Section Editor

Is today a Bones day or a No Bones day? Still trying to figure out what that is? If you frequented Tik Tok last year, it was a massive deal whether it was a Bones day or not. But the trend died after a few weeks because the world moved onto something new. Trends are called trends for a reason, they are famous for a bit and die down eventually. Fashion follows this pattern, as does social media and music. Sometimes trends will come back or become popular again, but it all depends on what category the trend is in.

Fashion trends change, but not as often as you’d think. A micro-trend rises to popularity quickly and dies just as fast, they typically last around three to five years if they’re lucky. A macro-trend is a global sort of fashion trend that ends up leaving an impact on the fashion world. This obviously lasts longer than a micro-trend, estimated around five to ten years. Now due to social media, smaller trends can be seen on the sidelines, more commonly known as aesthetics. Aesthetics are something like “cottagecore” or “dark academia” where the clothing worn is based around some kind of place or object. For example, if you are into the cottagecore aesthetic, you would wear flowy dresses, light colors, and most likely wear floral patterns. This is based on the idea of simple living and the countryside. These don’t frequently change, though new ones are created quickly according to the rising popularity in lifestyles and other media.

Trends in social media are the exact opposite. They rise in popularity, stay popular for a bit, then die and are replaced by something new. This has happened many times in the past 2 years since the app TikTok has taken over as everyone’s favorite social media app. Dancing trends have been popular since the beginning of TikTok, with dances from past music videos to young creators making them for all to dance to and enjoy. Other sorts of video formats are popular too, like making a slideshow of the users’ 2022 “eras”, or phases of their year. Of course, trends fluctuate depending on what “side” of TikTok you’re on. If you mainly get comedy videos, trends will obviously be different than when you’re on the side of TikTok that posts outfit inspiration. They still don’t last very long regardless of the side of TikTok you’re on. 

Trends in music have been relevant since the beginning of time. Every genre has evolved and changed according to society and what was happening in the world as music was made. The instrumentals and vocals in songs have also changed, especially with the technology that can make new sounds and changes to modify the way audio sounds. The meaning behind songs has also changed according to what the artist is going through or what they are writing about in specifics. The music made decades ago is bound to be different from the music made now, but that’s due to the fact that artists have changed their style and sound according to what’s popular and what people like at the time. 

The world is always changing and we are as well. Society and the views of today influence trends heavily and this causes them to fluctuate throughout all categories explored previously. Society and worldviews today have heavily influenced trends in media, and have caused them to fluctuate and change. People may become infatuated with a trend for a brief period of time, but this tends to illustrate the human behavior of desiring change and newness, thus connecting people all over the world through quirky aesthetics or catchy songs.