Manage Your Time Effectively With 10 Tips

Don’t procrastinate, read this article!

Grae Stockhausen, Features Section Editor

Since the beginning of the year, the CHS has incorporated a new system to recognize students for outstanding work based on the month’s theme. This month’s theme is “Managing Your Time Effectively” and the school has provided ten of their top tips to help all of the CHS students manage their time in the most efficient way possible.


  1. Know how you’re spending your time.

Be aware of what you’re doing and what you could be doing. If you’re sitting on your phone while you have a list of assignments that need to be done or chores that have to be completed, make the right choice and get your work done and relax afterward.

  1. Stick to a daily schedule.

Map out your afterschool and SRT time to make yourself motivated to get your work done. When you hold yourself accountable, your productivity levels will go up and you will be more inclined to get your work done. 

  1. Prioritize.

Prioritize tasks that must be done sooner, rather than assignments that are due in a few days. Getting assignments with recent deadlines done reduces your stress levels and helps you focus more.

  1. Tackle the most difficult task first.

Getting the worst out of the way first decreases your overall anxiety and allows for the rest of your assignments to be done without rushing. 

  1. Batch-process similar tasks.

If you have to do multiple English, Science, and Math assignments, don’t jump around from subject to subject. Do all of your English, then move on to the next subject on your list. This can help improve comprehension of topics and focus.

  1. Set reasonable time limits.

Be realistic when setting time limits. Don’t expect yourself to finish a 3-page essay in less than an hour, give yourself enough time to finish so that you don’t make yourself rush. Rushing could result in your work being poor quality.

  1. Learn when to say no.

Understand that it’s okay to refuse to do extra work when your workload is already sizeable. Overworking yourself leads to burnout, which can be hard to recover from. 

  1. Avoid multitasking.

Don’t do two assignments at the same time. This detracts from the quality of both assignments and makes you unfocused overall, as you’re trying to research multiple subjects at once.

  1. Keep things organized.

Keep your tabs organized by sorting them next to each other and keep your assignments in folders based on subjects and topics. Papers relating to the same topics can be stacked together too. Make sure your workspace is clean and contained so you aren’t distracted.

  1. Use time management tools.

There are many apps that lock your social media and entertainment apps on your phone so that you can’t use them until the allotted time is over. Set timers to keep yourself on track and focused.


Throughout the month, students who are effectively managing their time are nominated by teachers and school staff and can be put up on a recognition board in the cafeteria at the end of the month! Don’t procrastinate, get the recognition you deserve!