Two Monday’s Off In a Row.

The Worst Day of The Week is Suddenly The Best!

Carl Harding, Sandscript Author

Monday’s are never a fun day for anyone, considering the worst things always seem to happen on Monday’s, not to mention the fact that everybody is tired and the motivation to do anything isn’t there. But these next two Monday’s are gonna be great because on January 16 and January 23, there will be no school for CHS and the rest of the Duneland schools. This means that students will get to enjoy two three day weekends in a row, which will allow them to catch up on any missing work or they can use the day to sleep in and relax. With this great news, some students may wonder why we have these next two Monday’s off, especially on January 23. School is not open on January 16 because it is Martin Luther King Day, which is a national holiday that is observed across the United States. MLK Day is used to reflect on the life of one, if not the most, known Civil Rights Movement activists who played a big role in the end of Segregation in the US. There is no school for students on January 23 due to it being one of six teacher work days. These days exist because teachers are required by state law to come into school for an extra five days compared to students who only have to come in for 180 days a school year. On these work days, teachers either have to take part in development training sessions which help shape them into better teachers. If there aren’t any required sessions to attend to, teachers can use the day to prepare for the upcoming class weeks, or catch up on things they need to get done. It now looks like the day’s that everybody doesn’t look forward to, are now something to look forward to.