Harry and Meghan Shocks Audiences With Truth About Royal Family

Former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Windsor Reveal the Truth About Royal Life in their Emotional Docu-Series

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Section Editor

Harry and Meghan released on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and the media cannot stop talking about it. This emotional tear-jerking documentary revealed the truth about what exactly goes on inside behind those palace walls. While this documentary is informative about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship, it also does express heavy topics such as miscarriage, depression, and suicide so take this as a warning of those topics before going into this show. 


This docu-series was split into two parts, one part being released on December 8th while the other was released on December 15, 2022. While not everyone appreciated that the show is split into two parts, I was rather fond of it since it kept viewers on their toes and filled us with anticipation waiting to find out what happens next. Personally, I am not a big fan of documentaries, I was rather taken aback by how interesting this series was. The story behind this young couple’s relationship goes into detail after detail about how their life, mainly how Meghan Markle’s, was affected in major ways. 


The series starts out with how the Duke and Duchess first met and how they eventually fell for each other and got married. While being married to a prince seems like a fairy tale come true, Markle reveals the exact opposite of that fantasy. While the couple doesn’t explicitly mention any of the royal family members in a bad light, they do talk a lot more about the mistreatment from the British Press than the actual royal family. I was kind of surprised that we wouldn’t get any “gossip” about royal life but in the end I think that was for the best because even though they do talk about their ups and downs as a couple being a part of the royal family, they still consider their family members family and would like to “keep the peace” essentially. There are even moments when the couple express admiration for the royal family, such as when Markle talks about the now King, Charles III, walking her down the aisle when her own father couldn’t make it. 


“‘I’ve lost my dad in this,’” Meghan recalled saying to Charles. “So I asked him to walk me down the aisle and he said ‘yes’,” Meghan Markle’s quote provided by Insider.


Harry and Meghan is truly a great documentary for anyone to watch. I loved the honesty and vulnerability Prince Harry and Meghan Markle share with the world. The complexity of the situation that they were in was truly astounding and heartbreaking. Learning about all the abuse Markle faced from the British Press was quite shocking and had my jaw dropped to the floor several times. As well as listening to Prince Harry talk about having to see his wife go through the mental struggles of having to get harassed online as well as in public.

This docu-series was really one of my favorite Netflix adaptations from 2022 and I’m really pleased with how the series was calculated and planned out. The director did a really nice job of making such a hard and difficult story become such a gorgeous one. I totally recommend everyone pick up their remotes and watch this show.