New Year New Rules: eLearning has Changed.

State/Duneland Changes rules for inclement weather.

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News

During the 2022-2033 school year, DSC will have an Asynchronous eLearning Day on May 3rd, 2023, which will have teachers provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time, and allows students to complete on their own time. However, if there is an unplanned eLearning day or inclement weather day, DSC will use a Virtual-Synchronous day, which requires students to be present during the first 45 minutes of each class. Teachers will be live providing instruction during a Google Meet or Zoom meeting, which can take place with a small group or a whole class. Class periods will only be 70 minutes long, and the school day will start at 9:00 AM, and end at 2:40 PM, causing a much shorter overall school day. One important thing to note for a Virtual-Synchronous day is that if less than 66% of the overall student body does not attend the Google Meets or Zoom meetings, then the day will not count, and will have to be done again.