Mr. Peterson was named a finalist for the IMPACT Award

Mr. Peterson has been named as a finalist for the IMPACT Award in the Career Development Professional of the Year category.

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News

Mr. Peterson is a teacher of environmental science, head football coach for CHS’ football team, and part of the internship program which has allowed him to become a finalist for earning the IMPACT award. In an interview with a member of the Sandscript, he was asked several questions about how he felt about the IMPACT award and other questions relating to the internship program.  “It’s really a cool recognition, I think ultimately, I’m not doing this for awards or rewards, I think ultimately I’m just really excited to be involved in the internship program here at Duneland, being able to continue push ourselves into the right direction and get these kids in the workforce and creating great opportunities and experiences,” Peterson explained when asked about the award.

Peterson noted he doesn’t care that much about actually winning the award, as his acknowledgment for it was enough, “I’m not really worried about that, It’s really just a recognition thing for the program as it is for me.” Additionally, he was quick to credit the many people who have helped and continue to help him with this program, “Mrs. Heely is our assistant with this program and has been a really integral part of this program and again has helped us develop some of those community relationships with her work. I think Mr. Martinson has a great vision for our program and has really been able to as our principal, and along with him Mrs. Peterson, and Mrs. Heely, the continuation of steps we need to take for this program to be able to continue to grow positively and then also really so rapidly,”

Afterward, when he was asked what being a finalist for the IMPACT award felt, and if he was hoping to win the award or not he said that while he is not too worried about whether or not he wins the award, but rather it’s a recognition thing. He thinks that there are a lot of really outstanding people throughout all of Indiana doing really interesting things and a variety of different programs very similar to our internship program, and with that perspective in mind for him to be in that grouping with those individuals is an honor to him. 

Mr. Peterson was nominated in the Career Development Professional of the Year category, For the IMPACT award, due to his work on the school’s internship program. 

“From a variety of the different responsibilities I already have, this was an opportunity to develop relationships in the community,” Peterson responded when asked about his inspiration for a hands-on role in the program.

Mr. Peterson has some favorite parts about the program saying that being able to have exposure to such a variety of students outside of the realm of his teaching role as an environmental science teacher and as the head coach of the football team as well. He appreciates the ability of the program to create a community within the school and being able to develop so many other relationships with a variety of students across the board and provide growth opportunities for them. 

Overall, as a candidate for the IMPACT award, Mr. Peterson is honored to just be nominated as a finalist, and regardless of if he wins or not, he thoroughly appreciates the recognition.