Gifts That Your Love Will Love

Time is ticking, start Valentine’s Day shopping now!

Grae Stockhausen, Features Section Editor

The holiday of love and romance is impending, and if you haven’t purchased a gift, or don’t even have a clue about what to snag, you’re in the danger zone. Don’t skimp out on Valentine’s Day gifts just because you don’t have ideas! Whether you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other, here are some ideas to use as inspiration. 

We all know the cliche gifts to give, such as flowers, stuffed animals, and chocolates, but sometimes those are the best gifts. Who doesn’t love to get pretty flowers and chocolates to eat while simultaneously cuddling a stuffed animal that you didn’t even buy? Chocolates don’t have to be the only dessert you get your Valentine either. Grab a pastry at one of the local stores to grab a sweet treat for your love to eat! If your significant other isn’t a fan of sweets, you can get your significant other Legos, like the Lego flowers. You could possibly get them a set from their favorite brand, like Marvel, Harry Potter, or one of the beautiful botanical sets. Head over to the thrift store if you really want something obscure. Look for a fun piece of decor for their room, a sweet little trinket, or a lamp for them.

If sentimental is your style, make a craft for them, you could crochet them flowers or a tapestry, paint them a landscape or abstract picture, or make jewelry for them with crystals and beads. Maybe you’re not a crafty individual but still want to get your person something that they can wear, you can buy them earrings or a necklace, bracelet, or ring from local artists or a jewelry store! If they aren’t about jewelry, there is always the option to buy them a funny or cute shirt that you see in a store or online.

If you’ve completely lost hope and just can’t think of anything, you can always get your significant other a gift card so you don’t have to struggle with the perfect gift. Everyone is satisfied and happy! Better start shopping, because we’re just days away from one of the largest holidays in the States.