Thank Your Counselors During National School Counselor Week

Take the time to send your counselors an email thanking them for the help they’ve given.

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News


This week is National School Counselor week and is a great time to thank the CHS counselors for sacrificing their own time to assist the student body. Not only do they help students with their schedules, but they work with parents to help their students and are always a person to go to if you need a trusted adult to talk to. The CHS Guidance department works hard to help students with succeeding in their future and push them toward the right path in life. Our school counselors are Karen Moffett, Gretchen Arthur, Amy Snyder, James Moore, Johanna Hess, and Julie Roytan. Additionally, Jenni Smoker works incredibly hard each day to help the ladies (and James) of the Guidance office. The Sandscript would like to thank ALL of these hard-working people of the guidance office and wish them a fantastic week.

These individuals are hard at work every day ensuring that students’ academic and social needs are always met, and we are incredibly lucky to have such people as part of the CHS Guidance Department. Take the time to go thank them for this week, or anytime you want to!