Chesterton Takes Home 3rd at State Debate

Team earns podium finish; Public Forum title stays at CHS

Saanya Agarwal, Co-Editor in Chief

Chesterton’s debate team started off February by competing in the Indiana State Debate Tournament. After a grueling two days of debating, Chesterton took home 3rd place with 55.5 points. Fishers High School placed 2nd with 75.2 points, and Carmel High School placed 1st for a second consecutive year with 80 total points.


In Congressional debate, students debated the following state bills:

  • A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Establish an Age Limit for the United States Presidency
  • A Resolution for the US to Leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to Cut Down on the United States Defense Budget
  • A Bill for Temporary Halt to All Saudi Arms Sales
  • A Bill to Lessen Gun Control

Sophomore Kat Markwart, junior Payton Whalen, and senior Katie Pampalone made it to semi-finals in each of their chambers. 


In Lincoln Douglass debate, students still argued the January topic: Justice requires open borders for human migration. Juniors Emily Fleischhacker and Sophia Worden were octa-finalists, beating out over 50 other competitors. 


In Policy Debate, teams continued to debate the following year-long resolution: The United States federal government should substantially increase its security cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in one or more of the following areas: artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and cybersecurity. 

Seniors Freedom Eiden and Riley Hawksworth were joined by sophomores Lucas Koch and Rian Goins in the top four against two Carmel teams. Although they did not advance to the finals, both teams put up a great fight. Moreover, sophomores Milena Letic and Alaina McGrogan made it to the top 8, while senior Brayden Blouir and sophomore Patrick Hansen placed in the top 16. 


In Public Forum debate, teams argued the January topic: The United States federal government should increase its diplomatic efforts to peacefully resolve internal armed conflicts in West Asia. 

Sophomores Darek Shatat and Greenlee Black were octa-finalists, along with Seniors George Rone and Bennett Proffitt. Unfortunately, Rone and Proffitt had to debate their teammates, seniors Saanya Agarwal and Zander Fish, in a battle that would only allow one Chesterton team to advance. Agarwal and Fish advanced and eventually became the state champions.


In World School debate, teams were to debate a mix of prepared rounds and impromptu rounds. For the prepared rounds, Chesterton’s World School teams debated the following prepared resolution: This House believes that healthcare is a guaranteed right. 

The team of senior Jonathan McClure, junior Imperious Allison, sophomore Lake Rodriguez, freshman Lincoln Rhoda, and freshman Mila Beale were octa-finalists. They were joined by the team of senior Fabio Haiduc, junior Tiffany Nolasco, sophomore Kolvin Dade, freshman Isabel Durkin, and freshman Katie Newbanks.


Chesterton definitely gave Indiana schools a run for their money. Now, the program will shift its focus towards preparation for State Speech in March and Nationals in June.

Chris Lowery
Chris Lowery