How To Properly Write An Email

Here Is The Best Way to Communicate With People Over Email to Ensure to Be The Most Respectful You Can Be

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Section Editor

While your online presence might not seem as important as your presence in real life, it does hold just as much importance. Here are some basic steps and things you can be sure you do before hitting that send button. 


Is the beginning of your email welcoming? The most important part when writing an email to anyone is to make sure that you have a nice greeting to the person you are writing to. Whether it’s a simple hello or how are you doing, could really make someone feel welcomed when reading your email. 


How is the tone of your email? While a greeting does set a tone for your email, it is also important to make sure that the tone stays consistent throughout the rest of the email. Make sure whatever you are writing does not include rude language or slang that might not be understandable to the reciever of the email. 


Is your email direct? When writing an email, do you get to the point of what you are trying to ask of your reciever? While using good tone, make sure to tell the person you are writing to what you need, want, etc. with a clear question or concern. Remember to always be respectful within whatever concerns you may share with the person you are writing to. 


Do you use abbreviations? Using abbreviations while writing an email could lead to confusion for the reader or it could make your email look unprofessional. Phrases such as “idk” or “btw” makes it seem to your reader that you don’t really care about the email you are writing. Make sure to write out what you want to say fully so it doesn’t give the wrong impression. 


How is your punctuation? Punctuation is a very important part of a professional email and it also helps the receiver understand what you are writing. Some good resources I would recommend would be the app Grammarly, it fact checks your grammar and spelling as well as gives you recommendations for better layout of your sentences. It would also help to read your writing out loud so you can see if it needs improvements or not. 


How did you end your email? Same thing with the beginning of your email, the ending should have the same effect. Make sure you say thank you, have a nice day, or something similar at the end of the email to end the email on a good note. 

These are just some simple yet effective things you can do to make your emails sound and look way better to your receiver.