Lavender Haze Is Definitely One of Swifts Best Music Videos

Taylor Swift’s Midnights Album is at an All Time High with the Release of the “Lavender Haze” Music Video

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Section Editor

The release of the music video “Lavender Haze” has fans through the roof! After the release of her Midnights album, Taylor Swift had only released music videos for “Anti-Hero” and “Bejewled,” so I was beyond excited to see one of my favorite songs come to life.


Taylor Swift has been known for planting easter eggs with hidden hints about the Midnights album in her videos. At the very beginning of the music video, we see a clock with the time changing to 12:00 am. This signifies the start of her Midnights era. Additionally, there is a vinyl cover with “Mastermind” written on the top lying next to her. This is the 13th song of the album, possibly pointing to another music video for this song in the future. I’m excited to see what other easter eggs fans notice throughout the video.


The current music videos for the Midnights album are very unique compared to Swift’s previous ones. In particular, “Lavender Haze” has a very trippy essence tied to it. At the end of the video, viewers see Swift’s room fall apart while a purple galaxy sky with flying fish appears instead. In this scene, Swift takes a piece of one of the clouds and pulls it over her, allowing the cloud to consume her. This demonstrates how she wants to remain in that state of love, or “lavender haze,” as much as possible. Swift insinuates the idea that she wants to always be in the sweet, euphoric “honeymoon” phase of a relationship. 


I also had a deep appreciation for the visual effects in the video, such as the lavender flowers growing around Swift in one scene or the iconic pool of lavender colored liquid that we see in the middle of the video. Swift truly made the lyrics come to life in the video. For example, the phrase “lavender haze” means to fall madly in love. Swift sings,“I feel the lavender haze creeping up on me” while lavender fog fills up the room, allowing the viewer to physically visualize how this person’s love is suddenly ‘creeping up’ on her. 


Another great aspect of the video was the casting of the male love interest, who was played by trans model Laith Ashley. Even though we only see the couple for a short period of time, I thought they had fantastic chemistry on screen. It is also nice to see a trans actor get cast for a lead role, which unfortunately doesn’t happen enough in the entertainment industry. This choice of Swifts’ is monumental, considering that so many people look up to Swift as a role model. 


Overall, I truly enjoyed the “Lavender Haze” music video. It really captured what falling in that euphoric love feels like as well as never wanting to let go of that feeling. Plus, it was fun trying to find all of the hidden easter eggs throughout the video. This is probably one of Swift’s best music videos so far, and I can’t wait to see more of the Midnights music videos moving forward in the future!