Dr. Phil Talk Show Ends after 21 Seasons

Another iconic show fades into history

Carl Harding, Sandscript Writer

After running for over 21 seasons, Phil McGraw or better known as Dr. Phil  has announced that Season 21 would be the last season of his reality TV show Dr. Phil. McGraw announced this as he is wanting to move on and do more with his life and is looking to focus on prime-time programming, meaning he is not done with TV yet. When his show started in September of 2002 it became an immediate hit as McGraw’s talking show focused on helping families or individuals who are struggling with mental health, addictions, and rebelling teens. Not only that but Phil’s methods on how he handled individuals on his show drew the eyes of millions of viewers such as sending out of control teens to his Turnabout Ranch in Escalante, Utah. The Dr. Phil show would also spawn many memes such as the “Send ‘em to the Ranch” and the “Are you delusional? Do you suffer from a mental illness” meme. McGraw’s talk show was nominated for many awards throughout the years and the show won the Outstanding Television Talk Show Episode in the 2009 Prisms Awards. Phil would be recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in February of 2020 for his show’s success. 

The Dr. Phil show had many iconic individuals who came on to the show and it is a long list.  One of, if not the most iconic person to show up on the show, was Danielle Bregoli, or as known to fans of the show ‘the cash me outside girl.’ Bregoli appeared on the Dr. Phil show in season 15 episode 8 where the episode started off without a hitch as Dr.Phil announced to his audience that she had stolen one of his crew member’s car and taken it for a joyride. At the time of this episode she was only 13 years old. The reason for her appearance was because of her treatment of her mother, as well as other things she has done such as stealing her mom’s car, her moms credit card’s, making false allegations to the police that her mother had been doing heroin, and she has been arrested four times for drug use and other offenses. Bregoli had also been treating her grandmother the same as her mother. During the episode, she continuously acted disrespectful towards her mother and grandmother, while Dr. Phil was having none of it. McGraw threatened to have her arrested for what she had done with his crew member’s car. Phil also told her that he was her worst nightmare. At the end, Bregolli was sent to the Ranch and would reappear on the Dr. Phil show in 2017 to talk about her experience and what progress had been done on her behavior. Sadly, she was still acting the same way she was when she appeared back in 2016. She also launched her rapper career from the fame she got for appearing on his show and has made millions of dollars under her rapper name Bhad Bhabie.

       Another moment that shocked  show viewers was Burke Ramsey’s appearance on Phil. Ramsey was the brother of the infamous JonBenet Ramsey who was murdered in 1996 when she was six years old and her murder case could never be solved. 20 years after the murder, Burke broke his silence and offered an exclusive interview to McGraw’s show in 2016. During the episode, Ramsey talked to McGraw about he was affected by his sister’s death as he was the one who had found her dead and how crazy his life has been due to the media. While it was shocking to hear Ramsey talk about his experience with what happened, many people took issue with the interview as Burke was acting strange and found him unreliable. This led to outrage as there had been rumors that JonBenet was murdered by her mother and father and that Burke might have had a role in the murder. Dr. Phil’s interview with Burke had fueled speculation that Burke did in fact had something to do with the murder of his sister. 

McGraw’s success is tied to his show, without it McGraw would not have the fame he has now without his show. It is sad to see the Dr. Phil show come to an end, but it will live on through memes and the many iconic moments of Dr. Phil putting people in their place.