Torres Now Wrestling Champ

Aiden Torres puts cherry on top of his high-school wrestling career


Brody Mehling, Editor of Sports

Trojans, our very own Aidan Torres is now a wrestling state champion! Not only did he win his first state title, but he also went undefeated throughout the season! Torres finished his senior season with a record of 52-0. Torres described his undefeated season as “Awesome, it feels great”. 

Torres won his first match of the tournament weekend against Luke Teusch from Huntington North by pinning him in 4:11. In the second round, Torres faced off against Evansville Roberts’ Luke Robards. The match ended in a 9-5 decision favoring Torres. In the semifinals, Torres matched up against Brevan Thrine from New Castle. Thrine had won his last match by a 7-2 decision. Torres won the match in 5 minutes and 26 seconds by technical fall, meaning Torres scored 15 more points than Thrine. Going into the state finals match, Torres had “All positive thoughts, kinda hard to recall because of so much adrenaline but very few negatives.” He was matched up against Wyatt Krejsa from Center Grove who was 20-1. From the start, it was clear that Torres was going to end up victorious, and when the match concluded, Torres won by an 11-2 major decision. 

After he won, Torres ‘hit the griddy’ in celebration. He said, “Everybody does something to celebrate at the end and I was griddying all weekend, so, of course, I had to griddy on him.” Torres also expressed just how much support he had gotten while making his run. “It wasn’t just my teammates, but the whole community. They were always cheering for me. Me and my teammates also had some parties in the hotel room afterward.”