Fun places to visit around Northwest Indiana

Abi Carper

   There are many phenomenal local landmarks throughout Indiana. I personally love the Indiana Dunes, Chellberg farm, and Joseph Bailey Homestead. Nevertheless,the Michael Jackson Family   Home, the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City,  and the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso can be just as fun. 


  1. The Indiana Dunes

 The Dunes is Indiana’s most well-known landmark, located just off of the north end of State Road 49 in Porter County. It’s an exciting place to visit, especially during the summer.Running down the dunes and playing in Lake Michigan with family or friends on a hot summer day can be absolutely thrilling. The Dunes can also be quite therapeutic and relaxing for many. The sound of the waves hitting the surface is something that a lot of people can relax to. Currently you either need a pass or to pay to get into the dunes because its a national landmark the cost is $25 for a vehicle, but if you are walking or biking the cost is $15. You can also by the annual pass which  cost $45  


  1. Chellberg Farm

Chellberg farm is a wonderful place to hike and to learn more about the history of Chesterton. Around March, Chellberg has a festival to celebrate maple syrup season. They have volunteers dress up as Native Americans and demonstrate how maple syrup used to be made. They also have a wigwam set up with fur skins to show what these Native Americans wore and traded with settlers.. You can also purchase their signature maple syrup slushies for only $1 along with maple syrup in a cup. If you enjoy seeing lots of animals, eating some great treats, and learning a lot of important history, check out Chellberg farm off of Mineral Springs Rd, Porter IN. In order to get into Chellberg you either need to have a pass or you will need to play because it is considered a federal park. 


  1. Joseph Bailly Homestead

Bailly Homestead is another great place to hike in Chesterton especially during the spring. There are certain times of the year where they will have reenactments and they show the Baillys trading with native americans and how they used to live. The home of the Bailly is currently being remodeled so they can walk through their house and how they lived. There is also a family cemetery where most of the family is buried along with some of the help they deemed aloud to be there. In order to get into The Joesph Bailly Homestead you either need to have a pass or you will need to play because it is considered a federal park. 


  1. The Michael Jackson Family Home

 Located in Gary, Indiana, the Michael Jackson Family Home is a great place for Michael Jackson fans to visit. Although he only lived there until he was three years old, visitors can still see how the Jacksons used to live growing up


  1. The Washington Park Zoo

  The Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City has over ninety different species of animals. They even let their peacocks roam freely. Families can enjoy food at their cafe amidst the deer, eagles, and chirping birds. The Washington Park Zoo also has a nice gift shop, where families can take home the momento from the trip. 


  1. The Memorial Opera House

     The last local landmark is the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso. The opera house is located in Valparaiso off of 104 Indiana Ave. The opera house was the place of Chaplin Brown GAR Post No. 106, one of 592 GAR posts in Indiana. Those are historical summaries of the Grand Army of the Republic. There are all types of festivals and events, you can also rent the opera house for events. They have had previous events like a viewing of an art museum and more musicals. Most of the events happen to be concerts, musicals and local plays. I hope that this information and list of local landmarks helps you decide where to go next in Northwest Indiana for a little adventure.