Red Cross Club raises funds for Turkey and Syria

Friendly dodgeball tournaments played for an inspiring cause


Audrey White, Opinions Section Editor

Chesterton High School’s (CHS) Red Cross Club held a dodgeball game to help raise money for the victims of the recent series of earthquakes that swept through Turkey and Syria.




The dodgeball game was a laid-back affair that displayed a heartwarming bond between the participants. The following teams, entirely made up of student volunteers, each participated: The Deols, Yung Studs, Winners, All Dodge No Balls, and Bad Bunnies. While the game unfolded without masses of on-lookers, the participants were able to blow off steam for a charitable cause.


Despite Spring Break approaching, among other extracurriculars consuming students’ time, the president of the Red Cross Club Saanya Agarwal remained grateful for those who were able to make the dodgeball game a reality. 


“I’m really happy to see how well the dodgeball tournament went. While we didn’t get as many people as before due to sports and Spring Break being as near as it is, I’m still so glad that we were able to raise even a little money for such an important cause,” Agarwal said.


A series of deadly earthquakes affected Turkey and parts of Syria in early February. With a magnitude of 7.8, the earthquakes have devastated the land, leaving many people in need. With the help of donations, even from small-scale fundraising, large changes can grow.


“It was really fun; I liked all the people there. As a group, it was great. My team didn’t do that well – we went 0-4 and we lost quickly in all of our games – but it was super fun. Even though we lost, I had a lot of fun there and the people there did a great job running the game. It’s a great event for the Red Cross and I love how it’s run,” Sophomore and Member of the ‘Winners’ Team Dominic Rhed said.


As the game concluded, the Bad Bunnies were declared the winners after a spirited showdown against The Deols; leaving the final score at 3-2, and $125 for the Turkish and Syrian earthquake victims.


“The most intense moment of the game was definitely during the final championship game between the Deols and the Bad Bunnies. They both won two games each, so we didn’t know who would end up winning,” Agarwal said.