Audition for the CHS Show Choir Soon!

Join the CHS Choirs for the next successful season in ‘23-’24.

Grae Stockhausen, Features Section Editor

This year, the CHS Show Choir made history with the season they had. Join the team to continue on the legacy next year! If students are interested in being part of the tight-knit team of talented individuals, email or talk to Miss Morris ([email protected]) in the Choir hallway and ask to be added to the Canvas course for auditions. After that, fill out a form and select which choir one would like to be part of, whether it be Drifters or Sandpipers. If show choir isn’t interesting but singing is, audition for Bel Canto, Camarata, or Concert Choir instead, all three are just singing choirs. From then, there will be an assignment where the student must submit a video of themselves singing the National Anthem in their preferred voice part. If one is set on being in show choir, dance audition attendance is required, which takes place on April 27. At the dance audition, auditioners will learn a bit of choreography from an instructor and perform it in groups of three or four for Miss Morris. From then, the admission list will be posted in around a week or two.