Over 3 years since the start of the coronavirus changed the lives of students

On March 11th, 2020 students across the country would receive news that affects them even to this day.

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News


Back in early 2020, the entire world shut down after the coronavirus took hold and shut down restaurants, stores, and even schools. This would cause school districts to rely on platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet to help students continue to learn, even with these new variables. Students being forced to suddenly stay home for an unknown amount of time impacted a lot of students’ ability to learn, which would still have some effect even years later. Eventually, students would go back to in-person learning around August of that year, which would be a good change of pace for those who were struggling with learning digitally. Seniors would lose their final year of high school, missing important events such as prom and their graduation ceremonies being different than what they would’ve expected. . 

The abrupt and drastic change of pace would affect students the most, having to suddenly isolate themselves from friends and even family. Because of this, it would bring in a lot of boredom, as there is only so much one can do while at home, and this caused some people to make impulse decisions such as getting a piercing, changing their hair, or buying things in bulk that they might need. Examples are when people would spend hundreds of dollars on things like hand sanitizer, masks, toilet paper, and bottled water if grocery stores would close, causing these items to become inaccessible. However, this wouldn’t become the case, as the essential stores would stay open, but limited in terms of accessibility, requiring a mask to enter and possibly being restricted in terms of items due to corona slowing down production and delivery of products.

As a whole, the coronavirus affected many lives, and the students of this generation may have seen the most impact. Some would lose out on events they were looking forward to, some would completely change as people while in lockdown, but regardless, everyone was affected in one way or another.