Ask Erin: What is the Best Way to Ask Someone to Prom

Prime Time for Promposals, here’s how to do it

Erin, Sandscript Author

Dear Aspiring Prom Goer,


When it comes to asking someone to prom, most people would prefer the promposal to be special. So that means texting them to be your prom date is out of the question. Try to think of what you know about the person as you plan the promposal. Take in account their favorite things, little details or things you know they like. Doing this will make the promposal more personal and unique.


Another important aspect to think of when involving a special promposal is location. If you know the person you plan to ask is not big on public gestures, try to plan for a more private location. Examples of private location options are the park, the dunes, coffee creek, or at the person’s house. If you know the person you plan to ask has a favorite place, whether it’s a favorite place to eat, walk, or see, that could make just the perfect place to ask.


When looking for inspiration on how to ask, Pinterest is the perfect place to start. In general a sign is the common route usually taken. Hand making a sign with a clever pun or sweet message can get the job done. Other options could be asking with flowers, certain flowers have certain meanings so you could ask with a bouquet of flowers that represent the word love! If the person you plan to ask loves books, buying them a book and then writing on the inside of the front cover “Will You Go To Prom With Me?”, would be a cute gesture as well. For the last idea you could put together a puzzle that when solved asks the person to go to prom.


It can also be useful to gauge the possibility of acceptance. Ask around and make sure that the person you want to ask doesn’t already have a date. And always remember if the person declines your promposal to remain respectful of their decision. A rejection will not be the end of the world.