Murder Mystery 2 Movie Review: The Name Was as Creative as the Plot

A fun comedy to forget about the next day

Audrey White, Opinions Section Editor

Iconic duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back at it again in Murder Mystery 2


Murder Mystery 2 begins with Audrey (Aniston) and Nick (Sandler) Spitz visiting their friend, the Maharajah, otherwise known as Vikram (Adeel Akhtar). Vikram invites Audrey and Nick to his private island for his wedding; however, he is kidnapped, and the amateur sleuths, the Spitzes, have to rescue him. 


I am a big fan of psychological thrillers, suspense, and mystery-related media. And, as a fan of the first film, Murder Mystery (2019), my expectations were high for the sequel. This film is absurd at moments, and a bit disorganized regarding the suspense factor, but watchable nonetheless.  


I enjoyed watching the first film more because the sequel parrots the first, unflatteringly. While both movies are enjoyable, I felt that the sequel was not as focused on the mystery aspect, as the action aspect. This film generally felt hollow and basic, with filler comedy in between holding up a collapsing structure.


Murder Mystery 2 is a fun, low-stakes sequel that is entertaining enough to recommend it to others. The sequel is the type of movie that you enjoy while you watch it but forget about it the next day. I myself preferred the first film and found it to be less forgettable than the sequel, however, this film franchise is good to rewatch. 


Out of five stars, I would award this film a solid three stars. The casting was well-done, I can’t deny the Sandler/Aniston duo, and the jokes alongside the film’s action kept me engaged and laughing. If you’re interested in watching Murder Mystery 2, it is available on HBO Max and Netflix.