CHS Winter Guard Threw Their Best at Championships, Caught First Place

The best possible end to their season

Rylan Fields, Sandscript Author

Chesterton High School is home to many mediums of art, amongst those mediums is the color guard, a dance group that performs through flags, rifles, sabers, and other various props. Unlike their marching counterparts, they perform indoors throughout the winter months when it is too cold to perform outdoors. Their shows usually range between three and six minutes so their show must convey as much emotion as possible.

This year was the best season Chesterton’s winter guard has ever scored. They destroyed their personal record by miles and successfully outscored 34 other groups. Their previous record had been 74.26 from their previous season, but this year that total was crushed by the new high of 88.97. At their championship competition, they placed 4th overall but won 1st in their division.

Their show, “Memory,” depicts a girl looking back on her childhood as she prepares to step into the real world. Unlike most of the other shows, this show is meant to give the audience a feeling of nostalgia. This is not the kind of nostalgia that you would feel watching your favorite childhood cartoon, but it’s a sense of nostalgia that makes you feel like you could have done more with the time you had when you were younger. It’s a unique feeling that no other show can convey as well as “Memory,” and that is part of what made their show one of the best.

Although their season has ended, the winter guard will transition into their marching season this summer. If you wish to witness the splendor of the color guard, they will perform alongside the Trojan Guard marching band at most of the home football games this year.