Asynchronous e-Learning for May 2nd

Here’s how it’ll go down T

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News

The last time CHS had an e-Learning day, it was synchronous, which meant that teachers would hold a Google Meet or Zoom call for the first half of class. During the call, they’d go over the assignments for that day or answer any questions, however, on Tuesday things will be a little different. Instead of having to be on a Zoom or Google Meet call for the first part of the class, students can now do their Maroon Day classes on their own time, and in their own order. Hopefully, this will be a relief for some students, not having to wake up as early as usual and be able to enjoy the comfort of their homes while they do their work. 

Teachers will inform students of their availability to answer any questions during school hours, and instructional content will be posted in Canvas by 9 AM. Also, make sure to do any attendance quizzes or activities, in order to not be marked absent for that class period. All assignments from this day will be due 48 hours after class unless said otherwise by the teacher.