Which Red Bull Flavor Takes The Cake?

Out of all eight flavors, which one is the best?

Grae Stockhausen, Features Section Editor

Being a teen means that even after a full night’s rest and then some, it will never be enough. This causes most to turn to some kind of stimulant, most likely energy drinks. And through the variety of Monsters, Alani’s, and Celcius’, one will always prevail as old reliable for most, Red Bull. The secret savior of many, Red Bull is number one on the sales charts for energy drinks and has been around since the late 1980s. 

While it is advised to not drink Red Bull on the regular due to its high amounts of caffeine, sometimes students need a bit more pep in their step. This leads to having to choose a flavor to drink for the day, to set the mood for the rest of your waking hours. And in a world of variety, it can be overwhelming to decide which flavor is the best overall and which one will be your morning choice. 

Red Bull has eight different flavors to choose from, all of them being fruit related. The Summer Edition, their newest, Red, Amber, Yellow, Green, Blue, Coconut, and Peach Editions are all featured on their website. Of course, the traditional flavor will always be a fallback if none are resonating. Unfortunately, the Summer Edition is not out in stores yet, but it is Juneberry flavored. 

On to the ratings! First, I tried the Red Edition, flavored to be watermelon. For me, this was 7/10, it tasted tangy and sour, like an angry watermelon that sat out in the sun for a while. Definitely watermelon flavor no doubt, but not the best flavor out there. The Amber Edition is next on the lineup, and wow- 9/10, it was phenomenal. With strawberry and apricot flavors, it’s a sweet taste that felt like a warm spring day in a can. The next flavor I tried was probably the worst Red Bull flavor ever, the Yellow Edition. Supposedly tropical-flavored, it tastes like an expired pineapple drink. It was bottom of the list, a 4/10, and I won’t be drinking it again. The Green Edition was next in the test.  While the dragonfruit flavoring gives a pause for thought, it’s surprisingly good. It tastes how the word dragonfruit sounds, refreshing and not as sweet as the rest. It tastes like a blend between a pear and a kiwi. The Blue Edition is blueberry flavored, which was not surprising. It tasted like a blueberry on steroids, but it was still pretty nice to drink. It’s a good drink to start your day off with. Peach Edition is one of the best flavors hands down, it tastes like being at a peach orchard and biting into a fresh peach. Lastly, and the best flavor of all Red Bull, is Coconut Edition. It’s sweet and tastes like last summer when I got off finals and left school early every day. 

Overall, Red Bull is among the best energy drinks for struggling students, athletes, and anyone looking for a little pick-me-up in their day. While some flavors are questionable, there are so many to pick from and many limited-edition flavors to explore.