Schedule For Semester 2 finals

Make Sure You Know Where to Be!

Carl Harding, Sandscript Author

Finals week is almost upon us once more and it’s time to start hitting the books and study. Although many freshmen have gone through this last semester, some may need to remember the exact schedule and where they must be for their finals. Finals begin on Monday, May 22, and end on Thursday, May 25. Like last semester, blocks two and four are first up for finals on Monday the 22 with the next day being blocks six and eight. After that, the following Thursday and Friday will be blocks one, three, five, and seven. The first final of the day will start at 7:40 and end at 10:54. The last final of the day will be from 11:01 to 2:45. Like last semester, Monday and Tuesday lunches are different and a chart with the info on who goes to lunch first will be provided down below:


A Lunch
– Special Ed
Dept. (If
teaching a
– World
– Math
B Lunch
– English
– Credit Recovery
– Science:
Hennigar, Long,
Hewitt, Lynch,
C Lunch
– Social Studies
– Music
– Science:
Nichols, Paff,
Wallace, Drew
D Lunch
– PE/Health
– Art
– Business

Wednesday and Thursday however will be normal lunch times. After students finish their finals or if students have no finals after the class they have like SRT, students are allowed to leave early if they have a note signed by the attendance office. Try to get your notes signed the day before or a couple of days before to avoid the long lines on the morning of finals. Students will not be allowed to leave the building if they do not have a note. It is highly recommended that students get a good night of sleep before their finals and that they have a big breakfast so they can do well on their exams. Most importantly, students should be studying for at least 30 minutes to an hour each day leading up to the finals so they don’t flop them. The Sandscript wishes everyone the best of luck and to enjoy their nice two months off of school and congratulations to the seniors who will be graduating on May 31.