Let’s Celebrate Our Teachers!

Tell Your Favorite Teacher You Appreciate Them This Week!

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Section Editor

Teacher Appreciation Week is definitely not appreciated enough and with the national teacher shortage spreading through the country, we need to tell our teachers how appreciated they are. Teachers supply safe spaces for students as well as educate young minds for the future. 


Not a lot of people understand how much time, energy, and money teachers put into their job to make the day more enjoyable for students. Educators buy their classroom supplies the majority of the time and to most people, they think it’s supplied by the school. Everything you see in the classroom was most likely bought out of that teacher’s pocket. 


Things such as grading and making lesson plans take a lot of time and making sure the lesson’s content is the best version to teach to students. Teachers honestly deserve a whole month dedicated to them with all of the work that they accomplish. 


CHS has some beloved teachers and some students have spoken about their favorite teachers. 

“ I think teachers need a week dedicated to them because they work so hard, even on the days that students have off. Teachers change students’ lives by inspiring them to work hard to earn the life they want to achieve,” says sophomore Taylor Layman. 


Even though Teacher Appreciation Week has come to a close, make sure to congratulate and lift teachers up this week. It’s not a bad idea to give your teacher a card as well or even just a high five for all of the excellent work they do around the school and around the world. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!