Mr. Lukach Breaks Down McDonald’s Sauces

An epic showdown of McDonald’s sauces


Jacob Lukach, Sandscript Director

(Spicy Buffalo) 10

The elite of all sauces. Eggs burgers fries and particularly chicken… buffalo continues to reign supreme in the saucey world of Lukach. (10/10)


(Honey mustard) 9

A surprise as I hadn’t tried MCds Honey must before. This was the best part of my day and a perfect taste combo for the chicken. It was a perfect blend of tang, sweetness, but some spice. (9/10)


(Sweet and sour) 8

This sauce looks disgusting but it absolutely slaps. It provided the perfect flavor for a salty crispy snack like the chicken nugget. Unfortunately, it looks like barf, so that’s a major drawback. Also didn’t appear to have the actual spices a la Wendy’s Sweet and Sour. (8/10)


(Honey) 7

This brought back memories of the finer days when I was a young 6 year old boy who dipped nugget in honey. The sweet and savory combo was actually surprisingly still good, and I found myself wanting to double dip. Nostalgia + Sweetness = 7.5


(Tangy BBQ) 6

Some might say it’s a bit too tangy. Some might call me a hater. I would have liked a little more brown sugar/sweet bbq flavor, or just have fast food get out of the thick bbq stage and just give me a more vinegar based bbq sauce that would ACTUALLY possess tang. Like Open Pit. This was a very average sauce but complemented the chicken decently. Would be terrible with pork. (6/10)


(Ranch) 5

This was terrible when compared to other ranches of other fast food chains, particularly BDubs, but chicken and ranch is a classic combo. 5 out of 10, no lower. A bit too much peppercorn in this ranch. My Preference is buttermilk. (5/10)


(Big Mac) 2

This sauce was an incredibly poor taste combination. Ask any of my friends, I love Mac Sauce, but this was not it. I lathered my double cheeseburger in the sauce and it was delicious, but the combination of Chicken and Mac sauce gave it a more tartar sauce-like flavor. Gross. (2/10)


(Hot Picante) – Unranked

I was really looking forward to trying this suggested combination from DoorDash, however, Mickey D’s forgot to put the packet in the bag, so the hot picante went UNTESTED! Unranked out of 10