Bobby Berger and Tyler Peterson Commit to Colleges

Off to different in-state colleges to continue their athletic careers

Audrey White, Opinions Section Editor

Committing to a college is no easy task. 


For those involved with high school athletics, opportunities present themselves in exciting ways for those who wish to continue their education as well as their athletic careers. Two seniors in particular who have been able to continue playing their sports into college are Bobby Berger and Tyler Peterson. 


Bobby Berger has run cross country and track since the 5th grade. After winning a mile race, the thrill of competing against others was a feeling he continued to chase through the years.


“What motivates me is it’s like my escape from everything. It allows me to get in center with myself and it’s my paradise. Just me and running and [it makes me] relaxed,” Berger said. 


Berger will be attending Purdue’s Fort Wayne campus as he pursues a major in business and a minor in either logistics or supply chain. To be recruited, Berger had to fill out an online questionnaire, in addition to contacting Purdue’s coach, expressing his interest in running for him. From there, he met with the coach and discussed his future with the team and the school.


“I’m looking forward most to getting to know the guys, especially the coach, and seeing where I accomplish and improve and how much I grow,” Berger said.


Another CHS senior who will be attending college to pursue his athletic career is Tyler Peterson.


Peterson’s main sport is football, having played it since 7th grade. His motivation for playing the sport has been fueled by his love of the outdoors, having fun, and improving himself. Peterson originally became interested in the sport when his friends played football during recess.


Since then, Peterson has been recruited by Valparaiso University and has been offered to continue his football career. 


“I took a visit and they [V.U.] offered me the day I was there. After I visited around the whole campus, I talked to the head coach who I am pretty close to. I’d been going to a bunch of camps there to be recruited and had already made relations with the coach and had been [recruited],” Peterson said.


Peterson plans to major in environmental science, in addition to a biology-related minor. With this education, he looks excitedly to a future of abundant opportunities. 


“I look forward to being able to be better, stronger, faster, and being able to play in this kind of football,” Peterson said.


CHS wishes the best of luck to both Bobby Berger and Tyler Peterson as they continue playing their respective sports during their time in college.