CHS Homecoming: Covid Style

Virus brings changes to annual HoCo traditions

Miranda Miller, Sandscript Author

     Homecoming.  A time for festivities that bring the entire school together, preparing for activities like spirit week, a pep rally, the homecoming football game, and the homecoming dance.  Most students forget that homecoming is not just about the football game and the dance.  It is a time when alumni come back to see old friends and teachers and root for their alma mater at an exciting football game against their longtime rival.  This year, like everything else, homecoming is going to be a little different because of the recent impact of Covid-19.

     “We are not able to have the homecoming dance or the parade, but we are trying to make homecoming as normal as possible,” commented CHS principal Brent Martinson.

      Even spirit week has been affected.  Due to the hybrid schedule, students will not be able to enjoy every day of spirit week.  This week’s spirit schedule consisted of:

Monday: Hippie Day

Tuesday: Dress Like Faculty Day

Wednesday: Superhero Day

Thursday: Meme/Vine Day

Friday: Spirit Day (Maroon and Gold)

     “I was kind of disappointed in the turnout this year, but some of the subjects were hard to dress for, so it is understandable,” says sophomore Maizy Swanson, about this year’s spirit week turn out.

     Even though the homecoming dance has been canceled, the school has decided to keep the homecoming court.  Nominees for homecoming king include: William Rinker, Nicolas Kittridge, Annali Sasak.  Nominees for homecoming queen include: Chloe Deterling, Hannah Geiser, Natalie Streeter.  All students will be given the opportunity to vote for homecoming king and queen.

     Homecoming queen nominee, senior Natalie Streeter commented, “It’s definitely a little strange this year, I wasn’t expecting that there would be any homecoming activities this year so it’s at least fun to be involved somehow.  I’ve never run for homecoming court before but I think everyone’s excited about it this year.”

     Friday’s pep rally will be virtual.  The student government has been busy preparing a pep rally video that students will view online.  Throughout the week, the student government has also been collecting donations for the American Suicide Prevention Program.  At the end of the week, they will match the funds raised.

     The football game will proceed as normal, although all attendees must wear a mask and keep a social distance.  Although no restrictions have been loosened for the big game, CHS will still have 1,000 tickets to be sold for the home side, and 500 tickets sold for the opposing side.

     “I think that we will have a fight, but in the end I think we will win the game,” says junior Ben Callaway about Friday’s game against Portage.

     Sadly, this year’s homecoming will not have a dance to follow the game.  Even during the course of a pandemic, the school is still proceeding with the majority of homecoming festivities.  This year, more than ever, homecoming is needed to bring the school together and show the Trojan spirit!