Girl’s Basketball Breaks Old Barriers

This year’s girl’s basketball team is switching up the season for covid and better strategies

Kara Montagano, Editor in Chief

The CHS girl’s basketball team is fired up and more ready than ever for a successful season.. With an adapted schedule and new drills made to not only keep players and coaches safe but also to prepare them for games this year, it is  definitely going to be an interesting campaign for the CHS ladies. 


This season will be slightly different from previous years due to covid prevention measures and not being in school. Players now have to practice in masks and coaches must wear them while coaching. There are also some events that had to be cancelled in order to keep spectators and team members safe. 


It’s hard to make expectations as a team with everything going on right now. There was no summer ball to gauge how we matched up with other teams. We just have to go out there and play like it’s our last game because there’s so much uncertainty right now,” states basketball player Nalani Malackowski. “We didn’t have that time to get our rhythm with one another. Normally, the in season is the fine tuning, but this year it’s our learning section. It’s all good though, we are catching on to what coach wants quickly. It’s also weird to adjust to practicing with masks and what not, but each girl is doing that they can so we can continue to have games.”


All in all, covid is not stopping our basketball girls from giving it their all this season. There are things both the players and coaches are looking to improve on and integrate into their playing style this year. 


“This season we just need to clean up our defense a little bit. Once we’re confident that we will be there to help each other, we’re going to be a tough defensive team,” Malackowski says.


So as our CHS basketball players are hard at work readying their defense and adjusting to new rules we should make sure to give them all our support and wish them luck in their ongoing season.