Mercury Retrograde 2021


Mark Tegethoff


Grae Stockhausen

Mercury retrograde is a common planetary occurrence, happening three times a year. During these times, Mercury seems to be going backward in the sky, though it isn’t. This illusion comes from Earth’s perspective of Mercury. This is called “apparent” retrograde motion because it only looks like the planet is moving backward when it really isn’t.

In 2021, Mercury will go into apparent retrograde during these three dates:

  • January 30 to February 20 
  • May 29 to June 22
  • September 27 to October 17

The planet Mercury rules, or controls, communication and anything relating to communication, so during retrogrades, you can expect a bit of trouble in talking, texting, listening, and mailing. This year, most of the retrogrades will be in Air signs, meaning it will be a good time to reflect. Mercury retrograde is one of the astrological events that affects everyone across the board. It affects people under Virgo and Gemini more though, as Mercury is their ruling planet.

The first retrograde is different from the other two though. The first retrograde extends into two zodiac signs while the second and third stay in one. The first retrograde, going from January 30 to February 20, starts in Aquarius and ends in Pisces. Pisces are imaginative dreamers and have strong emotions and feelings. Mercury retrograde in the Pisces time frame suggests that Pisces should focus on their internal selves rather than external selves, as Pisces are natural known people pleasers. Even if you aren’t a Pisces, you should still take time to focus on yourself during Mercury retrograde, as it is a time well-known for reflection and cleansing.

To navigate the retrograde time, double-check your keys, wallet, and plans if you intend on traveling during Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde certainly isn’t a negative thing. All retrogrades propose a good time to go back and reflect on the progress you’ve made in the past month or so. Tying up loose ends during retrograde is certainly a good thing as well. Retrograde is about going back, so reminiscing is advised. While communicating may not be the easiest thing during this time, going back and taking time for yourself to just relax and enjoy life is strongly advised.