Trojan Football Exceeds All Expectations

Sarah Sahli, Features Editor

Friday, August 27th, 2021 the Trojan football team competed in a home game against Thornton Fractional South.  The Trojans entered the game with a positive attitude which would determine their fate.  Within the first quarter, Tyler Peterson led the team to their first victory of the night and established a lead of 7 to 0. The competitors continue their triumph and score yet another touchdown carried gracefully by Ethan Troy.  Astonishingly, Peterson is not satisfied with their lead and makes a successful attempt at a third touchdown. Throughout the entire game, the Chesterton Football team stayed consistent. A number of field goals were made by the kicker, Alex Drews who therefore racked up a significant number of points for our team. In the meantime, the student section is screaming their sanity away out of pure excitement for the Trojans. T.F South becomes envious of Chestertons lead and nearly scores a touchdown before the second quarter.  However, Chesterton’s defense has no intention of allowing the opposing team to score. The second quarter begins and Ethan Troy accomplishes an impressive one-handed catch, from across the field, while accompanied by a TF South defensive individual. Later in the game, Jackson Westmoreland scores what seemed to be a suspenseful touchdown. Nevertheless, he, just like the rest of the players, had a major contribution to the success of the team. The second quarter of the game ends with a score of 27:0. During the last half of the game, Senior Chris Mullin led the team by running two touchdowns and contributing, by throwing for the majority of the rest.  Overall, Chesterton finished with a score of 42:0 against TF South placing them amongst the top 10 football teams in the state. The team will advance to a DAC meet against Michigan city this Friday.  Be sure to congratulate and encourage the Chesterton Trojans. 

Chesterton High School Starters

Chesterton Offence:                                             Chesterton Defense:

#13: Tyler Peterson                                              #6:Dane Semis

#59: Jude Mocken                                               #90: Jordan Hughes

#79: Jorge Ortiz                                                   #62: Connor Shudick

#76: Jon Casey                                                     #59: Isaiah Fowler

#69: Marcellus Maddox                                    #50: Michael Buckland

#59: Nolan Murphy                                           #12: Ethan Troy

#10: Garrett Lewis                                             #52: Gage DeMarco

#8: Levi Wheeling                                             #53: Matt McCracken

#12: Ethan Troy                                                 #11: Josh Lemon

#81: Jackson Westmoreland                          #17: Evan Dickinson

#7: Chris Mullen                                               #29: Brant Westphal