A Day Off Twitch

A trending hashtag that stands up for harassed creators that has recently gained traction.

Tyler Sarkan, Sandscript Author

Recently, #ADayOffTwitch captured the attention of many streamers, encouraging them to take a day off of Twitch for the purpose of protesting the recent increase of hate raids and spam. Started by people that have experienced this hate in the past, they are now protesting for a better Twitch, a better community that is more inclusive for all. A streamer known as RekitRaven has commented on the issue. “I think it’s important to band together for the good of everyone who’s been affected and to show we’re not gonna back down”, she says.


Other creators, however, are loosely against the idea. Some say it’s giving the harassers the satisfaction of seeing creators go off the platform. A lot of big and famous creators are also against the idea of going off the platform. RekitRaven responds to bigger streamers refusing to go off the platform. “All I can say is that I’m not worried about that. We’re already making an impact. The world is watching” she says, showing she’s content with letting bigger streamers do their own thing.


Twitch promises to take action on this issue, and are planning to add more defenses against the hate bots. This may seem promising but considering Twitch’s past, it might not be a surprise if the action is at minimal effort. 


Even with this negative energy, this protest does seem to be gaining momentum, with many streamers with big followings also taking days off to support oppressed creators. With this support, we can make the Internet a better place.