The FTC is Cracking Down on McDonalds

Nathan Montoya, Sandscript Author

The McDonald’s ice cream machines are notorious for never working. The past few years, anytime you stop by for a McFlurry or ice cream cone, you’re met with the same response- “That it isn’t working.” 


But the fact that it hasn’t been working for so long, and for so many times has finally caught up with the fast food juggernaut. Now, the FTC intends on investigating these mysterious devices. 

The FTC is doing a thorough investigation on the ice cream machines, looking at the suppliers, the types of equipment used to repair the machines, and whether or not the owners of the McDonald’s franchise are allowed to repair their own machines. However, McDonald’s is retaliating to the FTC, saying that there’s no reason to investigate the machines, as they get fixed in the end anyway.