Portage Potential Sueing on Mask Mandate

Madison Ramey

Two sets of parents of Porter County school children have decided to argue against the recent mask mandate that the school corporation has enacted. One of the Portage Township parents stated that the school will not force their kid(s) to wear a mask because they do not consent to the idea. The parents also claim that they should be the ones to make that choice for their children, not the school district. The schools (Portage is not the only Porter County school that implemented a mask mandate this week) are doing this because of Governor Holcomb’s new executive order.  The order essentially says that students cannot be close contacted at school if they are wearing a mask.  The goal for schools, obviously, is to keep as many students in the building, as often as possible, throughout this school year. According to the Crown Point Community School Corporation, the district has placed 1,092 staff and students under quarantine since the start of the school year. The district then implemented its own mask mandate and modified its quarantine policy to follow the new executive order which figures to bring hundreds of students back to the building right away. The Portage parents that complained about the mandate are also filing a lawsuit against Portage Township Schools on grounds of, “unauthorized restrictions of liberty, identifying a minor as a potential public health risk with no jurisdiction (or evidence)”.  The parents also say that the school board cannot enact a mandate such as this, without a public meeting. Additionally, the parents have filed a restraining order against the school for the rest of this week.  The Sandscript will keep you up to date on this progressing lawsuit of the Portage Township Schools.