Amazon Wage Increases

Madison Ramey

     On September 14, 2021, American online store juggernaut Amazon officially increased the starting pay rate for employees to 18 dollars per hour. Along with increasing the pay rate, they are hiring more workers. Amazon will be sending $3,000 bonuses to some employees.  The company’s thought process is that the bigger the paycheck, the more likely it is that people are going to apply for the job. Back in 2018, Amazon had a pay rate of fifteen dollars an hour. Surprisingly enough, Walmart had a higher pay rate at the time. 

“It’s a tight labor market, and we’ve seen some of that as the entire industry is seeing,” Bozeman said, who spoke in an interview at a delivery station in Tukwila, Washington. 

They are increasing the pay scale so that they can expand their company for a brighter future via the hiring of more employees.  Multiple job opportunities have opened during this month so these new employees are able to aid Amazon with their work. There are going to be over one hundred thousand new workers at Amazon, a good thing for the company, as they can then maintain all of their workloads much more easily. Hiring people may not be the easiest right now, but they are trying their best by introducing this new pay rate. Amazon will be trying their very best to get the number of employees they need in order for their company to continue on the trajectory they have been on the past decade.