Boys soccer team wins conference title for 4th straight season

Saanya Agarwal, Co-Editor in Chief

The CHS boys soccer team has had a smashing season so far with a co-DAC championship win as a reminder of the journey. They have practically gone undefeated since 2017 with a one game exception against Lake Central last month.

As sectionals is nearing, the boys have been practicing tirelessly to ensure a win. Not only is the team working together as a whole to prepare, but each individual member is also attempting to ready themselves both physically and mentally. 

Senior Hayden Stott said, “We have been preparing for sectionals by mentally readying ourselves and by getting on the mentality that this could be our last game. We are essentially taking it game by game.”

“We are still preparing for sectionals just like any other game. We are working hard in practices to focus on our weak points and are also making sure to keep the intensity high,” added Eric Sparks.

Throughout the season, the boys soccer team has also been extremely determined to accomplish their goals. Besides their main intention of winning and other important team goals, members of the team strive for their individual goals as well.

“My main goal for this season is to win state one last time for my senior year,” said senior Liam Grimes.

“I want us to win state again this year. I think we have an incredibly strong team that could lead us to victory. I truly want to go as far as possible with these boys, for I enjoy playing and being around them so much and it would mean a lot to me to see them go out on top,” added junior George Rone.

“My goals for the rest of this season is to get back against Lake Central and try to get another state championship,” concluded senior Hayden Stott.

Seniors Ryan Odell and Liam Grimes are two noteworthy varsity players on the team this year. Both have won a DAC championship all four years of their high school soccer careers and have gone practically undefeated in conference throughout, except for the one game last month. These past four years of soccer have greatly impacted their lives and will continue to do so.

“I’ve played soccer my whole life, so it has taught me countless valuable lessons and values, including hard work and dedication. It has also brought me closer to my family and friends, especially with the games and teamwork. Overall, it’s been really fun and a great experience,” Odell states. 

“Soccer has impacted my life greatly because all of my friends come from soccer. I have also played it my whole life and learned so many lessons from the sport as well. I feel great knowing that I have been so successful in my career. However, I’m definitely sad that it’s almost over,” Grime reveals.

These two seniors have been the cornerstone of the boys soccer team these past four years. After all of their dedication and persistence, it will be incredibly difficult for the team and CHS community as a whole to see these fan favorites finish playing their last game this week.

The 2021 sectional winner will be determined this Saturday, when the boys take on Hobart for the Championship after defeating Valparaiso and Crown Point earlier in the week.