Mt. Kilauea erupts in Hawaii

Carl Harding

    For the first time in almost one year, Mount Kilauea was found spewing lava on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021.  Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes on the Hawaiian Islands as it has been erupting for the past 38 years.  Additionally, Kilauea is the youngest out of many other volcanoes that inhabit the Hawaiian islands.  Scientists have stated that no one is in danger due to the lava from the eruption, but civilians in the area were warned about sulfur dioxide and other gases that could irritate the respiratory system. Scientists have also warned that the eruption could last for a couple years.  People were also allowed to watch the eruption from a safe distance. Kilauea last erupted back in December of 2020, but also erupted back in 2018.  During that eruption, a 6.9 earthquake struck the island of Puna where Kilauea sits, causing 45 injuries and around 800 million dollars in property damage. The eruption back in 2018 had also created new land when magma began landing in the ocean. At the moment, the volcano has not caused any evacuations because the eruption at the moment has not caused a life threatening situation.