Valentine’s Day Proposals… but not like That!

Erin returns to help students plan a day of love


Dear Erin, 

I have a significant other but am unsure how to celebrate Valentine’s day with them. What kind of date should I take them on, and what should I get them? Answer quickly please!


A Stressed and Lovestruck Student


Hello stressed and lovestruck student! I totally understand your concerns with the “lovers” holiday right around the corner. I feel like there is so much pressure on Valentine’s Day to please your significant other, but how exactly do you execute it? Should you treat it like a birthday, or anniversary? Or should it be a more nonchalant event? Don’t fear, Erin is here. 

I have always loved the holiday, as it is a time to express love and gratitude for not only significant others, but loved ones like family and friends. However, the pressure to make this day perfect for a partner can be mind racketing! First, I would say to understand your partner. Take the time to think about what it is they like, hope for, and see in you. Depending on the type of person you are with, they may like more laid back personal time; on the contrary, some may like an evening or day out with set plans. Depending on this, you can decide what you might like to center the day around. 

If you are with someone who is more introverted and likes to stay in, try making your person a basket of goodies you know they enjoy. Making a gift that feels personable and carefully crafted for somebody is an amazing way to show that you see them for them! Some of these goodies can include favorite snacks and candies, candles, gift cards, and blankets. Or if there are any specific items your person has noted they enjoy, incorporate them into the gift. Another way to gift your significant other on Valentine’s Day is writing a poem or letter with flowers. Being able to elaborate why you are celebrating this person and showing your love for them is vital in relationship building. Communication is key, and giving a sense of appreciation in a hand-written piece can be warming. Remember to personalize these gifts to your significant other, as you are celebrating them this holiday!

However, if you and your partner like to go out and make plans, there are other options, too. Taking your partner out to eat is always a nice way to celebrate the occasion. Dressing up and getting out of the house can make the day feel more special, as it feels more like a formal event and day. Another option to go out on this day is to see a movie, or even just spend the day out and about running errands. For the many whose love language is quality time, this is perfect for you! Just being in the presence of your person can allow for happiness and love, regardless of gifts and money spent. 

Valentine’s Day is not just for people in relationships though! Make sure to appreciate any loved one on this day and enjoy the holiday!