Eliminate your Public Speaking Fears

New CHS Talkaphobics club creates home for uncomfortable speakers

Carl Harding, Writer

 Talkaphobics Club is one of the newest support groups that Chesterton High School is offering to students that will help them improve on a skill they struggle with. The club will give students the opportunity to eliminate the anxieties and fears of public speaking by talking to others who have the same fear. CHS English teacher Jennifer Breitzka will sponsor the club, and while she is currently the only one running it, she is looking for others to help her in running the club.  Some of the duties included would be coming up with new activities and ideas for members to take part in.  The club will even assist students academically.

 “Public speaking is a requirement in English classes, other classes, and life. It’s a terrifying part of growing up, and it is an incredibly common fear. Just like any other support group, my hope is that we can work together to overcome that fear,” Breizka explains.

The callout meeting was earlier this week, Monday, February 28 but anybody is still welcome to join. Members will meet every Monday after school in Mrs. Breitzka’s Room of C164. Anyone interested in joining can stop by Mrs. Breitzka’s room and ask questions. Mrs. Breitzka’s room is located in the C-Hallway, or the World Languages hallway, better known as “the hallway with all the flags around it”.