CHS Show Choirs Say O-hi-o!

The Drifters, Sandpipers, and Business maintain another successful weekend

Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor

Chesterton Show Choirs and their band, The Business, have continued to take various awards in surrounding cities, and now states. On February 26th, the CHS Show Choirs took on Ohio for The Ross Legacy Championship. It was a long day for all groups, however the places and awards taken by Chesterton continue to show the work and dedication these students have continued to put into their season. The competition was stacked in reference to the number of groups competing, the level of competition among other groups, and individual singers competing for solo awards. It was a long day, but CHS continued to keep their streak. 

The Drifters, our Unisex group, took home 1st runner up in their division, the best they have all season. In addition, they were awarded the “Best Crew” award in efforts of keeping the Sandpiper’s show running smoothly. While these awards seemed to be a consistent result the last couple weekends, the Drifters were also awarded a New Title of “Best Show Design”; this is ultimately in reference to the theme of Golden Girls and friendship. If you are interested in gathering more information on the show themes of the 2021-2022 season, make sure to check out a previously written article by Gracelyn Perrine!










The Sandpipers made it to finals, as they have at every competition, which is a very fortunate opportunity. In the preliminary round, the Sandpipers placed 4th runner up, leading many to feel on edge and push harder for the finals. At the end of the day, the Sandpipers moved up two spots and made it to 2nd runner up of the whole day.










This competition truly showcased the CHS Show Choir’s ability to motivate and strive for better, and gives large excitement for later competitions such as Chicagoland and Nebraska in the near future. Overall, it seems as if CHS Show Choirs, along with the Business, are making their name positively heard in many choir communities.