Parks Department Egg Hunt!

Gabrielle Rose, Sandscript Author

This year, on April 9, Porter’s local Park Department will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for kids. Participants in the Easter egg hunt must be nine years old or younger. The hunt for the eggs will begin at 11:00 a.m. sharp. This will be hosted at Hawthorne Park, (500 Ackerman Drive, Porter). This event will be free and open to the community. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it has been two years since the community has had access to this event. 

All you need to do is bring a basket and have fun. There will be over 5,000 colorful plastic eggs filled with candy and surprises. There are three age groups: one to three years old; four to six years old; and seven to nine years old.  There is no egg hunt for children above nine. Prizes will be given out to kids who find the Golden Eggs.

 Phones and cameras are important for this upcoming event, since the Easter Bunny will be attending. He will be visiting all the children that come to this event. Take as many pictures as you please.

This event will be held outside, so dress warmly and be prepared for possible mud. There are no limiting numbers, but if you want to get a good head start it is advised to show up at least 5 to 10 minutes early to ensure your child can take part in this event. There are no limiting numbers, but if you want to get a good head start

For any additional information, contact Brian Bugajski (Park Director, (219) 983-1042. Email [email protected] for any questions.