Chesterton Show Choir Season Recap!

Chesterton Show Choirs want to remind you to just be you & want to thank you for being a friend


This year, the Sandpipers encouraged the tagline of “Just Be You” in their show that encourages self-acceptance and love. The theme of their competitive show proved to be moving for many, as it shows the reality of social media and the harmful effects that come out of it; in today’s day and age, there are an outrageous number of problems that come out of social media, emotionally and mentally. The beginning of the Sandpiper’s show was focused on being chained to this unfortunate lifestyle of social media attachment, and even used phone props to reiterate this. However, the mood shifted in a positive light in the ballad. After the ballad, the rest of the show is centered around being yourself, dancing to the beat of your own drum, and self-acceptance. 

The Drifter’s show this year proved to strike a chord in the show choir community, their theme based on the popular show The Golden Girls. With the recent passing of Betty White, the show has gained in popularity again and was recognized by many schools and judges. A majority of the show focused on each character and their personalities, with themes of friendship in the opener, ballad, and closer numbers. The Drifters were split up among the four characters and showed how closely the four girls were bonded in the show and in person. Friendship will always be important and a crucial part of life as human contact is something that everyone craves. Dorothy’s number reminds you to take care of your friends when they need support, Sophia and Rose’s mixed number shows how important creativity and silliness are in a friendship, while the Blanche number relates to being the most confident version of yourself.

The Show Choir Season mainly takes place from January through March, allowing for competitions almost every weekend. The groups traveled to places such as Ohio and even Nebraska, competing against many other large mixed groups in their division. While the competition was heavy, the Sandpipers reached the finals at every competition, meaning they placed in the top five or six, every time. The Drifters placed in the top three most times, even winning Grand Champion honors at Chicagoland. 

The last competition can be an emotional rollercoaster, especially for the seniors graduating, but overall, the friendships and bonds made in this group were like no other. Hannah McElroy, a four-year senior in Sandpipers, states “Senior year has been amazing and I’ve made even more bonds and connections than usual. While it is sad to be done with something I love so much, I’m excited to watch the years under me grow within the next few years!”

If you have ever paid interest in singing, dancing, or even just having a community-like safe space, Show Choir is for you. If you are interested in trying out, refer to Grae’s article on how to do so!