Ask Erin: Non Religious Easter


Dear Erin, How should I celebrate Easter with my family when I’m not Christian or Catholic?


Thanks, Unreligious Student


Easter is a holiday typically celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, however, not everyone is super religious, but it is still possible to celebrate Easter, and here’s how to do so. To start off, there’s the classic tradition of painting eggs and decorating them with family and friends, doing an Easter basket as a way to give holiday-themed gifts, such as a chocolate Easter Bunny, stuffed bunnies, etc. Easter egg hunts are also very popular and a good option for having fun and getting the family together. Putting things such as small candies, toys, or even money inside the eggs can make finding the eggs feel even more rewarding. 

After you’ve been running around, looking for eggs, you’re gonna be pretty hungry so making, or even just eating some food that your family made and spending time talking with them can help also bring the family closer together. Telling stories at the dinner table can help bring up some happy memories that you might’ve forgotten about, times you’ve spent together, and overall just help bring up the mood.

Overall, Easter is not a holiday that needs to be celebrated religiously and can be celebrated with family and friends without religion being involved