Swimming Eliminated in Fall at IDSP

Swimming now closed due to shortage of lifeguards

Carl Harding, Sandscript Author

The IDSP or the Indiana Dunes State Park announced that swimming would no longer be allowed on August 19 due to the shortage of lifeguards on duty at the beaches. That doesn’t mean that the beaches themselves will be closed.  In fact, beachgoers can still enjoy a nice day in the sand and are able to go into the water in Lake Michigan up to their waist. Going further into Lake Michigan is not allowed unless lifeguards are on site. Park staff and Conservation Officers will be at the beaches to monitor and enforce the ban on swimming. Lifeguards are important to have on station at the beaches because of the rip currents at the beach and the threat of being swept underwater by the undertow, especially as the weather starts to get windier near the fall. If there are not enough lifeguards on duty at the beaches and someone gets swept into the deep water by the undertow or the strong rip currents, there is a good chance that the person can’t be saved and will drown.

    Visitors planning to visit the park should keep an eye on the Indiana Dunes State Park Facebook page using the link down below.