New SRT Rules

Nathan Montoya, Editor of News

CHS Staff/Administration develops stricter rules for SRT in 2022-23 year

With school back in session, new rules are in place to help crack down on students’ cell phone usage. Throughout the last year or so, teachers realized that SRT, or Student Resource Time, which is time for students to study, or do homework, was actually being used for students to watch movies, sleep, eat snacks, and other nonacademic activities. Because of this, CHS is implementing new rules that severely limit students’ phone usage and instead, focus on getting classwork done for classes, or studying for a test/quiz. These rules are part of a larger effort from the administration to prevent students from taking credit recovery classes since the 2021-2022 school year saw exponentially high numbers of students enrolled in credit recovery.

Teachers will now ensure that students obtain an SRT pass (which also looks different)  from another staff member allowing students to leave the classroom to receive help. This rule is in place to ensure students don’t skip out on the help they need. However, if you’re given a pass during SRT to go to a different class, but do not go to that classroom, you will be marked truant. Truancy is the act of staying out of a class without a good reason, like if someone is skipping a class for no reason. If you have a legitimate reason why you can’t go to that class, and your SRT teacher emails the other teacher, you will not be counted as truant.

With these new rules in place, students will have to focus more on doing their work during SRT, rather than being on their phones.