Ask Erin: What do I do when I like someone I don’t know? 

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Erin, Sandscript Author

Dear Erin, what do I do when I like someone who I don’t know?


Dear Aspiring Romantic,


When you like someone you don’t know, or have not spoken to yet there are a few ways you could go about it. It is very natural to have crushes in high school and like someone you don’t quite know yet. Nothing is wrong with that, but that leaves you with the question, “What do I do?”.


The first way is knowing the person’s name, so that you can try adding them on social media. Social media is a great way to reach out and start a conversation. Most apps let the user know if they have mutual friends, which won’t necessarily make it odd that you are adding them. If you don’t want to be straightforward try asking them questions about themselves, but remember to remain respectful and don’t push boundaries. Your crush does not owe you anything and does not have to like you back, and if you keep pushing you could in a result make them uncomfortable.


You could also take the more traditional route and start a conversation with them. Even a small talk can help break the ice and allow you to talk to them with more comfort. It is important to understand that you don’t have feelings for them just based on seeing them. Yes, it is natural to be interested in people you don’t know but wait until you get to know them. It’s unfair to the other person if you tell them you like them, but when getting to know them you change your mind. 


This can be difficult, but remember to remain confident and most importantly remain respectful when you go about this. Walk into this situation with an open mind, you never know what you will end up feeling. Take risks and chances while you are young, it is only going to make you a stronger person. Even if it doesn’t work or the other person does not reciprocate that is okay, just move on and remember, their lack of interest in you does not define your worth.