2021 Best Universities Nationwide

U.S.News releases results of national university rankings

Kara Montagano, Editor in Chief

Some of you CHS students out there are probably wondering what colleges to apply for or where to go once your high school career has come to an end. Luckily enough, the 2021 Best National University Rankings have finally been released for this year for those curious to see which colleges made the list. You can visit it here if interested: 


It is good to know that some colleges very close to Chesterton have made this national list, so some of the best schools in the country are very close to home. The University of Chicago made sixth on the list out of the entire country for its rich campus life and big city setting, as well as esteemed professors and class offerings. Northwestern University ranked ninth, is located only thirty minutes outside of Chicago, and offers over one hundred majors to students who apply. Purdue, ranked as fifty-third, and Indiana University, ranked as seventy-sixth, also made the list. These are just a small portion of the many colleges listed that are available near Chesterton. 


A few of our teachers here at CHS have graduated from the schools that made the list this year.


“Was I surprised to see Purdue ranked higher than IU? Not at all,” states Mr. Jacob Lukach, CHS English teacher as well as a Purdue graduate. “Was I surprised Purdue ranked 53rd? Yes, I think they should’ve been a little higher.”


If staying around town is not your plan, there is no need to worry. There are still many, many choices to choose from on this list with explanations as to why they were placed as the top schools in America. Ivy League school Princeton University ranked number one on the entire list this year. So for those worrying about options in and out of state, there are endless options available all over the country. However, the list is yours to browse, with a wide variety of options guaranteed to satisfy what you are searching for as long as you take the chance to look.