COVID Numbers Surge in The Duneland School District

Numbers of positive COVID cases rise daily in the DSC.

Chloe Clendenin, Author

Before the recent fall break, there was an outbreak in COVID cases at CHS and in the Duneland School Corporation. Scientists previously predicted that there was going to be a surge in cases in the fall, and they were correct. Just since September 30th, there have been 2,108 cases reported just in Porter County alone. Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin all set record-breaking numbers of positive cases in a day. Indiana health officials reported 2,328 positive cases of covid in one day, which beat the record of 2,000 in one day. Restaurants have reclosed in Illinois and it seems we are entering the second wave of covid. 

In the Duneland School Corporation, there are 27 active cases as of November 2, 12:33 pm, 15 of which are from CHS. Multiple staff members have also tested positive. With the contact tracing measures being implemented, approximately 108 individuals have been in isolation since October 28th. Individuals who have tested positive are to isolate themselves for 10-14 days. Anyone who was in close contact with them is also isolated for 10-14 days and is recommended to get tested themselves. 

High school students usually think ‘that’s not going to happen to me’, but it has happened to some students, and it came as a surprise. 

“I was shocked because although I was sick I did not expect to get covid, and I was upset that I had to stay isolated and couldn’t go hang out with my friends,” formerly isolated student Kassie Colvin said. 

Isolation and testing positive not only affects yourself but also the ones around you that have also been isolated or positive. Many of us live with siblings, parents, and sometimes grandparents and other family members. 

“I felt bad for my family because I had to bring them down with me and my brother has lost his chance to try out for the basketball team,” said senior Joe Goveia. 

Covid has also affected some individuals’ fall breaks, for example, “I had to stop working, going to practices, and seeing my family and friends so I could quarantine and get better. It makes me upset that I had to stop being around people for 2 weeks,” said Colvin. 

Students that have been isolated have either tested positive themselves or have come into close contact with someone who did test positive. Individuals that have been isolated indicated that it was unexpected and different from the first quarantine in March/April. 

“If I go downstairs I have to wear gloves and a mask. Everyone treats you like you’re deadly and it’s a lot to just be by yourself all the time especially when you don’t like technology and that’s all you really have to interact with,” Nadia Kezy added.

Earlier in the school year, large groups have also been isolated due to positive cases. These groups were as large as 39 and 18. It has also affected the sports teams negatively. Once an individual tests positive or is isolated, the whole sports team is affected and in some scenarios, is also isolated. Throughout the whole school year, CHS has had 37 total cases, 15 of which are currently active. There is an obvious surge in cases nationwide, but more specifically in our school corporation. 

According to the Chesterton High School website, 2,061 students and 125 faculty attend CHS. By the Indiana state health department guidelines, once 1% of the overall school population has active cases, it will result in a 2-week school-wide shutdown. With our 2,061 students, we only need approximately 20 active cases for all learners to go remote for 2 weeks. 

With the recent surges in the area, we all need to make sure that we’re following CDC guidelines and taking extra precautions to keep ourselves and others safe. Keep wearing masks, stay home if you feel sick, and thoroughly wash your hands any chance you get. As we know from the first time around, this is a threat and negatively affects many people around us.