November was National Adoption Month

During the month of November, we raised awareness for families and children involved in the adoption process.

Reese Czarniecki, Sandscript Author

November was national adoption month, a time where we raised awareness for the need of adoptive families, along with children involved in the adoption process and foster care. 

About 135,000 children are adopted in the United States each year. 59% of children adopted on a yearly basis are from the foster care system, 26% are from other countries, and 15% are voluntary relinquished American babies. 

But there are over 122,000 children and youth are waiting to be adopted. 

Since 1995, National Adoption month has been promoted and celebrated across the country. Many national, state, and local groups help educate their communities by spreading awareness about the thousands of children and youth waiting to find their forever homes. The National Children’s Bureau takes a huge part of spreading awareness for National Adoption Month. This year, the Bureau’s theme was “Engage Youth: Listen and Learn”, which inspired them to host an online event spreading the importance of adoption to today’s youth.

It is important for adoption to be seen as a healthy, normal thing. Many times adoption can be stigmatized as an evil or cruel ordeal, leaving some people with the question… How could anyone ever give a baby away? When done in a healthy manner adoption is all but evil and cruel. Adoption gives others chances to receive the joy and blessing of adding a child to their family, the ability to fulfill the dream of raising a child, and so much more. More importantly, adoption provides a loving home to a child.

Karen Moffit, a school counselor for Chesterton High School, shared a Facebook post shared  by her son’s birthmother.

“Today I am thankful for 2 very important people.  These two gave me a second chance at life.  Although I did not seize the opportunity right away I am now in a great place & part of that is because of them.  I was so young and immature.  I had no idea what real life was like.  I was constantly high, and had a job making minimum wage, and I lived in a cockroach infested apartment.  And I thought I was able to raise a child.  Because of their great love my son has lived an amazingly stable life, which I would never had been able to provide for him. He has had every opportunity that I ever wanted for him, and he has been able to be loved wholly by a mom & dad.  I love you guys very much & I thank you everyday. Karen Moffett & Monte Moffett You guys saved me & because of you I was able to bring myself out of the sewers and live a life pleasing to God.  Thank You!  I was going to wait till the 19th to post since that is our special day, but I just had to thank you now.”

Moffit went on to explain not only how much this post mattered to her, but also how much her son’s birth mother had truly done for her. As her family was not able to have children, she truly received a precious gift. “My son is 25 today and he has a very special relationship with his birth mom. They are in regular contact and for the most part it is very healthy…  I was able to establish the relationship and help the process be emotionally healthy.  My son grew up hearing his adoption story so when he began to understand it really wasn’t new or strange to him – he had heard it all so many times,” said Moffit. 

Moffit and her family are truly a representation of what adoption means to others, and how special it can really be. Adoption truly provides families with the love and joy of raising a child, and provides others with blessings as well.