Chesterton Tribune Comes To An End

Efforts now being made to keep beloved newspaper alive

Kara Montagano, Editor In Chief

The local newspaper, The Chesterton Tribune has finally come to a close after being regularly published since 1882. It was announced that the printed production of the newspaper would end on December 30, 2020 in an online farewell letter written by Tribune writer Kevin Nevers. 

“I’ve come to think of other of the Trib’s regular features as essential too. Voices of the people. Echoes of the past. The obituaries. Together we bickered and reminisced, celebrated and grieved, as extended families do. We learned each others’ names and the names of those who came before us, whose downed tools we took up,” stated Nevers in his letter. “We marked the very season of our lives. These things I shall miss terribly. God bless and godspeed in 2021.”

Many long term residents and readers of The Chesterton Tribune were heartbroken to hear the news of the Tribune’s end. Some plans to try and keep it printed have even been put in motion. A committee has been created by William Aubin and Hayley ThuHang called ‘Save the Chesterton Tribune’ on Facebook to try and save the Tribune in any way possible. So far it has amassed over 1,300 members and continues to grow by the day. One of the members of this committee is CHS graduate Matt Jewison.

“I’ve always thought the Chesterton Tribune was one of the most iconic features of Duneland and I, like many in the community, want to keep the paper going because it does so much to tie Duneland together,” states Jewison. “After talking with business owners, community organizations, and elected officials, it seems clear that just about everyone wants to see the paper continue as many organizations rely on the paper to advertise and deliver their news.”

There is much support from the Duneland community to keep the Tribune alive and well. Many Chesterton residents just are not quite ready to let go of the tradition of printed news and the Tribune itself. If you are interested in joining your local community and saving the Chesterton Tribune as well, joining the committee is just one click away. Perhaps we will see Chesterton’s beloved newspaper stay back in business. If you are interested in bringing back this timeless classic, joining and supporting the ‘Save The Chesterton Tribune’ group on Facebook is just one way you or anyone interested can help.